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I am using the Web Application Stress tools from Microsoft to run some stress tests on a Windows 2003 IIS 6 server. I am running the WAS tool from a windows XP machine. I have been following this tutorial and when trying to add perf counters I get the following error :

Failed to load the perf counters from the computer \mycomp

Does anyone know what this means? how can I load perf counters? I would have thought that the perf counters I want are on the server I am testing rather than the local machine from which I am running tests?


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I had the same problem and found a solution :)

Here's this italian blog. Basically it says you should copy pdh.dll into the program folder. http://www.maurodalfreddo.it/archives/249/web-application-stress-tool-anche-su-xp

So here's what I did:

Download nt4pdhdll.exe from (you need the w2k version) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/284996

Copy the contents (5 files) into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool directory.

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