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I am using DotNetZip to add a file from a MemoryStream to a zip file and then to save that zip as a MemoryStream so that I can email it as an attachment. The code below does not err but the MemoryStream must not be done right because it is unreadable. When I save the zip to my hard drive everything works perfect, just not when I try to save it to a stream.

using (ZipFile zip = new ZipFile())
var memStream = new MemoryStream();
var streamWriter = new StreamWriter(memStream);


memStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

ZipEntry e = zip.AddEntry("test.txt", memStream);
e.Password = "123456!";
e.Encryption = EncryptionAlgorithm.WinZipAes256;

var ms = new MemoryStream();
ms.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);


//ms is what I want to use to send as an attachment in an email                                   
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IF the memory-stream is zip data wouldn't you expect it to be unreadable? –  Sam I am Jun 28 '12 at 16:01
Have you tried to save the memory stream to a file and verified that the conent of that file differs from the file when you save it to file directly from ZipFile? –  erikH Jun 28 '12 at 16:03
Sam I am - I am taking the memory stream and sending it as an attachment called test.zip. Then went I get it I thought I should be able to treat it as a regular zip file. Am I wrong in thinking this? –  user229133 Jun 28 '12 at 16:29
erikH - Yes the content of the file is different. I don't know what I'm doing wrong though. –  user229133 Jun 28 '12 at 16:31
well, if that's the case, than the problem you're having is outside the scope of the code you posted, since ms is what it should be –  Sam I am Jun 28 '12 at 16:35

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I've copied your code, and then saved your final memory steam to disk as data.txt. It was completely unreadable to me, but then I realized that it wasn't a text file, it was a zip file, so i saved it as data.zip and it worked as expected

the method I used to save ms to disk is the following(immediately after your zip.Save(ms); line)

            ms.Position = 0;
            byte[] data = ms.ToArray();
            File.WriteAllBytes("data.zip", data);

So, I believe that your memory stream is what It is supposed to be, which is compressed text. It won't be readable until you decompress it.

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When I get the memory stream named "ms" to disk and try to unzip it I get the error "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged". Are you talking about the memory stream "ms" or "memStream"? –  user229133 Jun 28 '12 at 17:57
@user229133 I've just edited my post to show you how I saved ms to disk. Try that –  Sam I am Jun 28 '12 at 18:26

Ok, I figured out my problem, pretty stupid actually. Thanks for everyone's help!

ZipEntry e = zip.AddEntry("test.txt", memStream);
e.Password = "123456!";
e.Encryption = EncryptionAlgorithm.WinZipAes256;


//Stream outStream;

var ms = new MemoryStream();


    //--Needed to add the following 2 lines to make it work----
ms.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
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Instead of last two lines a Using-statment should be used over ms. –  SerG Oct 31 '14 at 12:38

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