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my Project model has 2 datetime atttributes: start_date and end_date. Now I want all projects where the current time is in between these dates. I tried something like this with the start_date to start with:

@projects = Project.where(:start_date <=

But this returns an error:

comparison of Symbol with Time failed

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Unlike some ORMs, active record doesn't augment the symbol class with methods to allow expressions other than equality to be expressed in this way. You just have to do

Project.where('start_date <= ?',

The squeal gem adds this sort of stuff and allows you to write

Project.where{start_date <}
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OK, that works thanks! ANd combining it with end_date would be like this? ==> Project.where('start_date <= ? AND end_date >= ?',, – John Jun 28 '12 at 16:10
You can either do that or chain a second call to where – Frederick Cheung Jun 28 '12 at 17:25

You can't do this: :start_date <= You're comparing a symbol and a date with the <= operator.

If you want to add a condition to your query, pass it as a string:

Project.where("start_date <= ?",;
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Unfortunately, with a where clause comparing dates, you'll have to drop into SQL. Try something like this instead:

@projects = Project.where(['projects.start_date <= ?',])
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