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I am trying to take a photo and post it on my facebook wall. I've already taken the photo but I don't manage to post it with the Facebook sdk.

I've tried with Bundle :

Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
parameters.putString (Facebook.TOKEN,facebook.getAccessToken());
parameters.putString ("message", "MessageOnWall");
parameters.putByteArray ("source", byteArray);

But I don't manage to create RequestListener to post in on the wall. I've been looking for an example but I haven't found it... I'm new in android developement and I'm stuck on that problem.

Is there any other solution to make this?

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Does your FB_API have the ability to post to the wall/have the correct permissions to post from that application for that username? –  Fallenreaper Jun 28 '12 at 16:04
Hi, thanks for your answer, I finally solved my problem! I tried to post directly on my wall but I had to follow three steps to do it! I post an answer right now –  Renald Jul 2 '12 at 14:51

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I found the problem. To post a Bitmap on my wall, I do three steps :

1) I upload my Bitmap on facebook account (care, width and heigh of the photo must be under 720px) Don't forget to keep the ID of your photo!

2) I reach my photo with its ID and I extract from it the link

3) I finally post the link on my wall

You have to work with the Graph API of facebook and you can test your code directly on your account there. Don't forget the token to permit your app searching in your albums and publishing.

Hope is helps!

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Bundle parameters = new Bundle();

parameters.putString ("message", "MessageOnWall");
parameters.putByteArray ("picture", byteArray);

when putting byte array then use "picture" as key as shown in above lines. After that call request method as shown below.

    String response = mFacebook.request("me/photos",parameters,"POST");

By using this code your bitmap will be posted to wall.

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