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1 for i = 1 to n
2    for j = i to n
3       for k = 1 to j
4          statements which take O(1) time

Please help me find the time complexity of the following segment of code. Is it O(n^3)? I think not because line 3 depends on line 2. I'm really having a hard time and I need your help. Please provide solution. Thank you very much!

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initial thought: n*n*logN I think?

Edit: the inner most, k, will hit 1 then next time, 1 and 2, then next time, 1 and 2 and 3... which is linear... it just stops at a certain interval. With it being linear, i would naturally say N...

So, after thinking about, O(n^3)?

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Also, you can test this by just taking the code, running it, and then graphing the results. –  Fallenreaper Jun 28 '12 at 16:13

You can think about it like this:

Take half way in the loop when

 i = n/2
for i = 1 to n
    for j = i to n
       for k = 1 to j
          statements which take O(1) time

the first one is running

n/2 times

the second one also runs

n/2 times(n-n/2)

and the third one also runs

n/2 times (1 to n/2)

Hence in this case n/2*n/2*n/2 which is giving (n^3)/8 which is

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