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I have an Extjs (4.1) application using Spring MVC (3.0.2). On one of the forms I have a filefield. When the form is submitted in IE8 the success/failure callbacks are not hit. The app works properly in FF, Chrome and IE9. I noticed today the response Content-Type equals application/x-ms-application in IE8. For IE9 it is text/html. I am returning json from the Spring Controller.

Is this a known issue or is there a Spring configuration option I need to set? I am new to Spring. Here is a link to this same question on the Sencha forum: extjs 4.1 forum. I would appreciate any help since my client is required to use IE8.

I have written a sample application that shows the behavior I can post.

Thank you.

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You were correct. I updated my Spring MVC Controller class to explicitly return a Content-Type of "text/html"

Original code:

    public @ResponseBody String importData(@RequestParam String groupName, @RequestParam String processType,
                @RequestParam CommonsMultipartFile spreadsheet) throws Exception

     return "{success:true}";

Updated Code:

    public void importData(@RequestParam String groupName, 
                @RequestParam String processType,
                FileUploadBean uploadItem, 
                BindingResult result, 
                HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception
            // return data
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What you need to do is set your response content type explicitly in your Spring controller. Kinda like this: response.setContentType("text/html")

See this doc for explanation: ( something about a hidden IFrame :) )!/api/Ext.form.Basic-method-hasUpload

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