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The sky drive application is syncing same data again and again and for past few weeks it is continiously uploading same files repeatidly.

I have not made any changes in the skydrive folders, neither on server nor on Local folders, but still it starts uploading on its own whenever I start laptop and takes hours to upload.

Is there a reason, can it be resolved?

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Microsoft has replied to this question in their own Microsoft Answers site by suggesting to uninstall and reinstall Skydrive. And it worked!

I do not know if they update the program automatically like in chrome. But if not, this would be a version update solution, correcting previous bugs. If so, then it is an installation bug, apparently independent of the software version.

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Reinstalling and then choosing a new location for the SkyDrive on my machine solved the problem for me. Just reinstalling did not help.

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I had this, but fixed it by going to settings.. "unlink". It immediately brought up a "welcome to skydrive" window, which let me re-link it again to the same folder. It seems ok now. I also unchecked the "allow skydrive to get all files on this computer" box, which seems pretty dodgy security-wise. I don't remember ever agreeing to that in the first place. I don't know which change fixed the problem.

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