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I'm trying to change the owner of a folder (myFolder) and all its content to 30061 with this line:

chown -Rv 30061 myFolder

But I get this message for some files

chown: changing the owner of myFolder/default/files/languages/es_smDXmy4sxGaYZuUOuV1ftDL7hg824v5FxIsQ2QqZcJM.js?: Action denied

This files has the owner set to 20003

If I try to change the permission with:

chmod -R 777 myFolder*

I get the same error message:

chmod: changing permissions of myFolder/default/files/languages/es_smDXmy4sxGaYZuUOuV1ftDL7hg824v5FxIsQ2QqZcJM.js?: Action denied

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If you are not the owner you'll need super-user rights. Prepend your command with a sudo, for example. Otherwise log in as root and run it as root.

Exception: immutable files.

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Modern Unix/Linux does not usually allow non-root users to "give away" files. In some cases, there's a kernel tunable to revert to older behavior and allow this, but it's usually not a good idea from a security standpoint. Either run the chown as root, or setup sudo to allow the necessary privilege escalation.

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