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I've checked the docs for YUI3 graphics module but can't seem to find any method to draw a arc ? There are functions for bezier curves but none for arc. Its strange considering that arc is very well supported by SVG path, but can't be drawn with YUI ?

Should I just quit YUI3 graphics and use RaphaelJS - it seems to have everything.

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Looks like you got your answer here from official yui team:


The Graphics Path shape does not currently support an arc method. Please file a ticket and I will add one.

So either wait for them to implement it or use another library.

The good thing about yui and their team - they are quite agile and turnaround time for changes is pretty quick.

I looked a bit more in the graphics module and I see this:


drawWedge: function(x, y, startAngle, arc, radius, yRadius)

there is also


try those to see if they work.

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Hmm. Looks like they won't if it before 3.6 :( –  Code freak Jul 2 '12 at 19:46

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