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I have used the .Net MySQL connector to import a Dataset of a MySQL schema into Visual Studio.

Visual Studio has generated a *.xsd file for me with a visual representation of the tables, and fields within those tables in my schema.

I am then running queries against these tables using LINQ.

By default, the NullValue property of every field in every table is set to (Throw exception). What this means in practice is that if I apply criteria to any column which contains null values in a query, an Exception is thrown when I try to enumerate through the results as shown below:


The easy way to fix this is to change the NullValue property of that particular column to either (Null) or (Empty), but I have a lot of columns in a lot of tables and changing all of these one at a time is a pain. I can't use the Shift key to select all columns either, as the (Null) and (Empty) values only apply to reference types and nullable value types, so if, for example, my selection contains a single integer, none of the properties will get updated.

Is there an option in Visual Studio to change the default behaviour of the NullValue property on a column in a DataTable across the board?


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