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I'm basically trying to extract a Mac application from a zip file using QuaZip. The code I'm using is:

QuaZip zip("file.zip");
qDebug() << zip.open(QuaZip::mdUnzip);

QuaZipFile file(&zip);
QFile out("application.app");

for(bool f=zip.goToFirstFile(); f; f=zip.goToNextFile()) {
    //same functionality as QIODevice::readData() -- data is a char*, maxSize is qint64
    char c;
    while (file.getChar(&c)) out.putChar(c);      




If I try to start the extracted app, I get an error message saying I "can't open the Application, because the Classic-Environment is no longer supported." I tried to make the .app executable but it still didn't work. I don't know any other easy way to extract an application using Qt.

I extracted it with the normal archiver and the application worked.

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I'm not super familiar with QuaZip, but it almost looks like you're trying to extract the whole archive to a single file called "application.app", which is pretty seriously wrong. Applications are actually folders, not files -- the Finder just displays the folder (which has a name ending in ".app") as if it were a single file.

If you can dig up an example of using QuaZip to extract a ZIP file, you should just be able to use that code largely unmodified (other than the __MACOSX metadata, possibly).

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Thanks, didn't know that. Worked on Linux until yet. –  MCPP Jun 28 '12 at 17:10

It may be easier to just call unzip from your app using QProcess or system().

unzip -q <path-to-zip> -d <path-to-destionation>
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