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If I had two tables, users and blocked_users, how would I define the relationship from blocked_users to users?

For example,

class User < Sequel::Model

  one_to_many :blocked_users,     :key=>:source_id
  one_to_many :blocked_by_users,  :key=>:target_id, :class => BlockedUser


What would I put in here?:

# table => blocked_users, fields => "source_id", "target_id"

Class BlockedUser < Sequel:Model

  #fail => belongs_to :blocking_user_account, :class => User, :primary_key => :source_id
  #fail => belongs_to :blocked_user_account,  :class => User, :primary_key => :target_id


How would I refer to the User model from the BlockedUser model?

I tried the fix below and am confused on the following error; With the BlockedUser class restructured like so:

class BlockedUser < Sequel::Model
  many_to_one :blocking_user, :class=>:User, :primary_key => :source_id
  many_to_one :blocked_user,  :class=>:User, :primary_key => :target_id

I get the following error:

.9.3p0 :003 > BlockedUser.all.first.blocked_user
   INFO - (0.000427s) SELECT * FROM `blocked_users`
NoMethodError: undefined method `blocked_user_id' for #<BlockedUser @values={:id=>1, :source_id=>1, :target_id=>2}>

This does execute the appropriate query, however:

class BlockedUser < Sequel::Model
  many_to_one :source, :class=>:User
  many_to_one :target, :class=>:User

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You should specify the class name as a symbol (and use many_to_one instead of belongs_to):

class BlockedUser < Sequel:Model
  many_to_one :blocking_user, :class=>:User, :primary_key => :source_id
  many_to_one :blocked_user,  :class=>:User, :primary_key => :target_id
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I just tried that but getting the following error: INFO - (0.000597s) SELECT * FROM blocked_users => #<BlockedUser @values={:id=>1, :source_id=>1, :target_id=>2}> 1.9.3p0 :002 > BlockedUser.all.first.blocked_user INFO - (0.000429s) SELECT * FROM blocked_users NoMethodError: undefined method `blocked_user_id' for #<BlockedUser @values={:id=>1, :source_id=>1, :target_id=>2}> Updating question above –  jdkealy Jun 28 '12 at 18:33

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