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I have an advancedDataGrid that I am using a GroupingCollection on and I want to be able to change the individual DefaultLeafIcons (no children icon) based upon a value I get from the dataProvider. Can anyone shed some light on how this is done.

Details: In the data that I receive there is an isShared value that is either 1 or 0 if the value is 1 I want to be able to display abc.png if the value is 0 display xyz.png.

I am using Flex 3.6 SDK.

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I believe you should implement an iconFunction for the datagrid.

a sample iconFunction implementation would look like the following.

private var abcIcon:Class;

private var xyzIcon:Class;

private function iconFunc(item:Object):Class {
   var iconClass:Class;
   var itemType:int = item.isShared; //TypeCast item accordingly.
   { case 1: iconClass = abcIcon;
     case 0: iconClass = xyzIcon;
    return iconClass;                       

Remember to link the iconFunc with the datagrid by adding the following attribute.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. This really should be better documented. –  Chris Jul 6 '12 at 21:01
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