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I have a series of two chained selects using ajax that work great. I need to be able to store/save the first select in a cookie for future visits but can't quite figure out how/what to do within the existing code?


    var questions = $('#questions');

    function refreshSelects(){
        var selects = questions.find('select');

        //  Lets not do chosen on the first select
        selects.not(":first").chosen({ disable_search_threshold: true });

        // Listen for changes

            // The selected option
            var selected = $(this).find('option').eq(this.selectedIndex);
            // Look up the data-connection attribute
            var connection = selected.data('connection');

            // Removing the li containers that follow (if any)
            selected.closest('#questions li').nextAll().remove();



    var working = false;

    function fetchSelect(val){

            return false;
        working = true;


            var connection, options = '';

            switch (r.type) {
                case 'select':
                        connection = '';
                            connection = 'data-connection="'+v+'"';

                        options+= '<option value="'+k+'" '+connection+'>'+k+'</option>';


                        // The chose plugin requires that we add an empty option
                        // element if we want to display a "Please choose" text

                        options = '<option></option>'+options;

                    // Building the markup for the select section

                        <select data-placeholder="'+r.defaultText+'">\
                            '+ options +'\
                        <span class="divider"></span>\

                case 'html':

            working = false;



    // Initially load the product select
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Do you need that value on the server? If you don't I recomment the jStorage plugin. It uses local storage and userData to save information. This has the benefits that the values are not sent to your server on every request, like cookies do. The usage is very simple:

$.jStorage.set("something", {data: [1,2,3], other: "a string"});


$.jStorage.get("something"); // returns {data: [1,2,3], other: "a string"}

In your code it would be something like:

$(function() {
  var questions = $('#questions');
  var lastSelection = $.jStorage.get("lastSelection");
  if(lastSelection) {

  // more code....

    var selected = $(this).find('option').eq(this.selectedIndex);
    if(questions.find("select:first")[0] === this) { // Only save if it's the first combo (you could change this to a better way to identify the first select)
      $.jStorage.set("lastSelection", selected);

    // more code....
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...not necessary to store on the server. How would I fit your answer into the existing code exactly? I am very new to this and was hoping to learn by watching. – Rocco The Taco Jun 28 '12 at 17:40
I don't know what value you are trying to save... is it the "selected" variable of the change event? – iwiznia Jun 28 '12 at 17:43
Yes, I want to save the selected value from the first select box change event. thanks. – Rocco The Taco Jun 28 '12 at 18:04
Edited the answer to show it in your code. – iwiznia Jun 28 '12 at 18:11

Here is great article on using jCookies.


The code for setting it goes like this:

    name : 'Person',
    value : { first: 'John', last: 'Smith', Age: 25 }

Getting the cookie goes like this

var person = $.jCookies({ get : 'Person' });
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can you give me a more specific example based on the snippet i supplied? – Rocco The Taco Jun 28 '12 at 17:40
You're going to be more specific with your code a bit more if you want a specific example. I understand the general idea, but you didn't really explain it out. Also, in theory I would check for a cookie off the bat, if it doesn't exist then go on like it's a new selection. When the user makes a selection then create a cookie that stores the information you need. The tutorial I provided has plenty of information for you. – David East Jun 28 '12 at 18:18

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