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My problem is quite the same as this one:

Google Chrome access search engine settings from extension

But the latest answer of that one is about one year ago. Is there anything changed in last year? Perhaps some experimental APIs?

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Again, even in the experimental APIs there is nothing that allows access to general settings. Your best bet is to manually gather a list of search engines to which to you want to allow the user to send the query.

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Not that I have seen (and I've looked).

Along with Fahd's suggestion, perhaps you could populate from opensearch links in pages the user has visited. Or prompt the user for opensearch links if they search sites that match engines from

I just want to sort the darn things ... import and export the darn things. Maybe improve the UX a little (it sucks a little as it is). At some point I monkeyed with accessing my own settings via SQLite, but I don't recall what I

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