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My question comes from seeing this question and not being able to find the correct answer.

When adding a new product, where does the actual code come from for the input fields? In the aforementioned question, the desire is to add maxlength attribute to the input box. I dug around for over an hour and did find plenty of form helpers but not the one for this exact case.

How do I find the true origin of this (or any) form in Magento?

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, majority of Magento's form fields come from Varian_Data_Form However you can easily specify a maxlength property via a higher up call, as in:

$fieldset->addField('title', 'text', array(
          'label'     => Mage::helper('form')->__('Title3'),
          'maxlength' => '30', // <-- change here
          'class'     => 'required-entry',
          'required'  => true,
          'name'      => 'title',
          'onclick' => "alert('on click');",
          'onchange' => "alert('on change');",
          'style'   => "border:10px",
          'value'  => 'hello !!',
          'disabled' => false,
          'readonly' => true,
          'after_element_html' => '<small>Comments</small>',
          'tabindex' => 1

Example (and modified) from:


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Right but take my example, exactly where is the code like above generated which builds THAT form? If it is generically from Varien_Data_Form, what tells it the proper IDs, etc, for the add new product form itself. I like to think I don't suck at Magento and this is nagging at me. –  Chris K Jun 28 '12 at 19:20

I accepted B00MER's answer because it led me to what I believe to be the Real Answer...

Clicking on the links he listed, the pattern of $fieldset->addField presented itself as a key way to grep in files.

user@magento:~/www/app$ grep -rin "addField.*text" * | grep -i product
code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Catalog/Product/Edit/Tab/Super/Config/Simple.php:140:        $fieldset->addField('simple_product_inventory_qty', 'text', array(

There were about a dozen results which were quickly narrowed down (we're not caring about giftcard or Attribute sets). I'm not 100% sure THIS file is the answer but it seems that some logic could be added to catch whether or not the input's name=="Name" and then a maxlength could then be added in.

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The majority of the addFields attributes will map to the HTML attributes, so maxlength added to its parameters should cause the HTML counter part to be as the same. If you're needing more fine grained control, see Alans recommendation for such: stackoverflow.com/a/6077165/158325 –  B00MER Jun 28 '12 at 20:09

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