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currently in my update controller method I have:

@group.attributes = {
  :title => params[:group][:title],
  :description => params[:group][:description],
  :password_required => params[:group][:password_required],
  :password => params[:group][:password],
  :archived => params[:group][:archived]

The problem is that this method is used in multiple places and all of these params are not always passed which results in a "nil" which causes the db commit to rollback.

How can you set attributes only when they are defined w/o having to use if blocks?


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Could probably do something lousy like this:

@group.attributes = {
  :title => params[:group][:title] || @group.title,
  :description => params[:group][:description] || @group.description,
  :password_required => params[:group][:password_required] || @group.password_required,
  :password => params[:group][:password] || @group.password,
  :archived => params[:group][:archived] || @group.archived

This kind of ugly code is not recommended, but it answers the question of how to do this without explicit if blocks.

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Why do you say lousy? – AnApprentice Jun 28 '12 at 17:40
Just look at the code.. – Lee Jarvis Jun 28 '12 at 17:46

why not simplify it with


this way if the value us nil it wont be updated

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That code saves the group, if you want to do some more processing before saving, you could do: @group.attributes = params[:group] # more code here... In fact, the update_attributes method is basically those two lines... – iwiznia Jun 28 '12 at 17:53

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