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I've been trying to render a webpage using the Adobe Flex / Flash builder StageWebView but it's not scaling the webpage to fit the phones screen dimension and basically cutting the right side of the webpage off. I've tried using

<meta name="viewPort" content="width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0;
            maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=no;" />

This has not worked. Below is the Flex code I'm currently using.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

        import flash.media.StageWebView;
        import flash.net.URLRequest;
        import spark.events.ViewNavigatorEvent;

        protected var webView:StageWebView = new StageWebView();
        protected var openBrowser:Boolean = false; 

        protected function view1_viewActivateHandler(event:ViewNavigatorEvent):void
            if (StageWebView.isSupported)
                currentState = "normal";
                webView.stage = stage;
                webView.viewPort = new Rectangle(0,75,stage.stageWidth,stage.stageHeight);
            else {
                currentState = "unsupported";
                lblSupport.text = "StageWebView feature not supported";

        protected function onURLChange(event:LocationChangeEvent):void
            trace("URL change");
            // Uncomment the following line to load in the default browser instead... 
            //navigateToURL(new URLRequest(event.location));

        protected function onRemove(event:ViewNavigatorEvent):void

    <s:State name="normal"/>
    <s:State name="unsupported"/>

<s:Label id="lblSupport" includeIn="unsupported" width="95%" horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0"/>

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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I'm surprised it's cutting off the right hand side rather than the bottom, since that's what I'd expect from this:

webView.viewPort = new Rectangle(0,75,stage.stageWidth,stage.stageHeight);

You need to count for any X or Y offset in your width and height, like this:

webView.viewPort = new Rectangle(0,75,stage.stageWidth,stage.stageHeight - 75);

It might be that your StageWebView is being initialised before your app's size is correct. Try adding a resize handler (listen for Event.RESIZE events on whatever component your code above is taken from) that sets the viewport again.

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Thanks for the advice @micspsm but the x y offset didn't work. I tried the Event.RESIZE but not sure if I've done it correctly. Screen shoot: [link]nealdrake.com/app-screenshoot.html [link] –  user1489333 Jun 29 '12 at 20:21
Do you have control over the webpage that you're showing? If so, then this is more a matter of tweaking the CSS there to support mobile-sized dimensions, rather than anything you can achieve in Flex. It looks from your screenshot like the StageWebView is set up fine; it's the content that's the problem. –  micapam Jul 1 '12 at 8:05

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