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Many times I get quick page design inputs from business/clients which will be finally developed and integrated with application.
Before getting a sign off from them I let give them wire frames to get a feel of new UI.
My application UI is in Flex. But I find HTML/jQuery easy and quick to develop wire frames.
Is it a fair assumption that if I create a wire frame in HTML/jQuery then I will be able to recreate it in Flex too?

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Yes, but not the other way around. –  RIAstar Jun 28 '12 at 18:20

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Yes, it is a fair assumption. In general, Flash/Flex is more powerful than HTML/JS. Although with the advent of HTML5 and improvements in JavaScript libraries like JQuery, HTML/JS is getting closer to what you can achieve in Flex, the additional complexity (supporting various browsers, graceful degradation, fake OOP, and a million flippin' DIVs), mean that any time you need to do something reasonably complex on the client, you can do it in a more manageable and extensible way in Flex.

A notable exception would be that you can't embed pages from other websites within a Flex web app (unlike HTML, and also unlike AIR).

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Yes, it is easy to protoype a website in jQuery. Especially if you use a framework like Knockout.js.

Knockout will allow you to quickly develop functional UI without having to write a ton of JavaScript.

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or angularjs, –  Blaster Jun 28 '12 at 18:32

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