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I get OutofMemory error in my Android App. Let me explain the background.

I have an function call to modem side so had to import framework Jar. When I tried to export my Apk, the eclipse gave heap error. However, I increased the JVM heap size and exported Apk. Now, I have deployed App on device and once in 50 trials I get OutofMemory crash and log says -error at code like:

byte[] arr = new byte[bytes];

or creation of new object.

I am confused as in- how to keep App from crashing. Is this happening because of Jar file or because of any non GC collected references that are hanging around. I have list in couple of places. How do I de-reference them?

Please educate me, any guidance is appreciated.

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How big is the array? An OutOfMemoryError should occur if the allocation failed even /after/ a GC run. –  millimoose Jun 28 '12 at 18:33
If it happens in your app AFTER you execute an operation a few times, it sounds (to me) like a memory leak in your code. –  dmon Jun 28 '12 at 18:35
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