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I have this expression


where xxx can contain also '_' and its number vary, and y start from 0 by incrementing. I would like to extract the xxxxxx using regular expression. I tried split function but the xxxx can contain several '_' , so by removing the last 2 element of the array from split I have to check for ddl, then join all part of xxx etc. Do you know a better method by using REGEX? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not a pro or anything... but if it were me I would split at "ddl_" and then read until I hit "_iy" – Steve G Jun 28 '12 at 19:33
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If you RegEx engine supports lookahead and lookbehind, then use:



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Regex accordionMain_i0_accordion_i0_ctl01_0_ddl_(.*?)_i\d+_tblItem returns your xxxxxxxx if match found.

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You should specify the language you're using. But here's a stab at it:


Then, your x's will be stored in the first capture, $1.

Here is a demo:


If you meant "anything" instead of literal "x", then:

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