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Does anyone know any good tutorials for animations in Xcode with Objective-C on Mac OSX?

I am looking for something that provides a comprehensive "For-dummies" approach and assumes you know nothing. To be more specific, by "animations" I am not referring to games or UI animations; I'm talking about general animations that change with time. (i.e. "a cartoon")

Does anyone have any suggestions? Note I'm specifically asking about OSX: a google search seems to only provide iOS related results.

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Google is a great place to look things up, if you don't have specific coding questions. –  trumpetlicks Jun 28 '12 at 19:21

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CAKeyframeAnimation can make the cartoon effect by key frame. 《Core.Animation:Simplified.Animation.Techniques.for.Mac.and.iPhone.Development(Addison.Wesley.2010-01)》, this book you may need.

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