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How can I get a date to look like this format?



This is what I have so far.

$date = new DateTime;
$time = $date->format('y-m-d-h-m-s');

The above results gives this


I ran this at 3:07 pm eastern time.

As you can see its not quite what I want. Please help. Thanks.

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You need to specify a timezone to the DateTime constructor, in addition to using a capital Y to get the four-digit year and i to get the minutes:

$date = new DateTime( "now", new TimeZone( "America/New_York"));
$time = $date->format('Y-m-d-h-i-s');

The list of supported timezones will allow you to select the one you need (I believe I chose the correct one for EST).

Your current string uses m for both months and minutes, which is not correct.

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$date = new DateTime;
$time = $date->format('Y-m-d-h-m-s');

y - 2 digits

Y - 4 digits

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Try this:


Also don't forget to set your timezone using date_default_timezone_set() eg:

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You can use the PEAR library of DATE and read its docs to get the desired result.

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