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I want to be able to intercept the packets of this stream and access the data from C++-code. How do I do this in C++-code? The RTP- media stream are streamed using this server: link

I will then FEC-encode the packets; send them over the network; FEC-decode them on the receiver-side and pass the stream of data to a RTCP-client.

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Evaluate some opensource stacks for media streams like ( live555, openRTSP, VLC, mPlayer ). with any of these you can do the following:

 - install    
run with sample streams    
observe debug and   or logger

For example, in live555 source...


you would have the frame handlers found here

for another example , see here for log of a player ( VLC ) getting the stream ( rtsp / rtp ) available from any Youtube entry. If you want, you can drill any youtube videoID for a related streaming link. Then you could use that link for a source in your testing.

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