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I'd like to implement fulltext search for a datatable ?

are there any .net libraries which support indexing/searching on the fly ?

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Here's a blog post about how I used it in my application. http://ifdefined.com/blog/post/Full-Text-Search-in-ASPNET-using-LuceneNET.aspx

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thanks for putting the article together couple of questions 1) does the index need a disk file folder or can it live in memory alone ? in my case i need to build & search the index on the fly during the lifetime of a particular winform 2) does the search result indicate which field/property of the document it found a match in ? e.g. my datatable has the following fields Key_ID, Description, Date1, Date2, other non-indexed fields I would like to highlight the column ( & row ) with the text found is that possible ? –  Kumar Jul 14 '09 at 14:08
#1 - You can use the Lucene.NET "RAMDirectory" class. I don't have any personal experience with it. #2 - Yes. You design what identifiers to store in Lucene's index, so that you can relate the results back to your data. –  Corey Trager Jul 14 '09 at 15:54

here's a simple extension of DataTable, which is not exactly "fulltext search", but funny and helpful.

public static List<DataRow> FullTextSearch(this DataTable dataTable, string[] keywords) 

var q = dataTable.AsEnumerable().Where<DataRow>(row => keywords.All(keyword =>row.ItemArray.Select(p => p.ToString()).Any<string>(s => s.Contains(keyword)))); 

return q.ToList(); 

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