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I am generating an array from json:

val product_array:Option[Any] = scala.util.parsing.json.JSON.parseFull(products_json)

And then I want to pass it to a view like this:


In the "payment.scala.html" view I am wondering what to put on the top of the view. Something like this:

@(product_array: Array)

But that is not correct. What do I put on the top of the view?

Second question:

How do I loop through that array in the view "payment.scala.html"?

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Did you finally found a solution ? –  Timothée Jeannin Apr 22 '13 at 11:17

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I'm no Scala or Play expert so I don't know if you're able to pass an array, or if in your specific case if you're required to use an array, but I know you're allowed to pass a List[Type] so potentially you could use a List rather than an Array would be one option. If you go about it this way it would simply be

@(class_list: List[Class]

And then to traverse it would simply be

@for(class <- class_list){

And then to access the current iteration would be

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From the documentation, for parsing, why don't you use:

val json: JsValue = Json.parse(jsonString)

and then pass it to your view, and then, navigate through the Json tree ?

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