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I'm trying to do something similar to this (display a bit of text when a user mouses over an element). Here's a snippet of the html my script generates:

<svg width="400" height="400">
  <rect x="100" y="100" width="40" height="45" fill="darkred">
    <title>Some_Text, 50, 20.09%</title>

When I mouse over my rects, nothing appears, which isn't consistent since text does appear when I mouse over rects in the above link. I also tried changing the title element within rect to a title attribute, but that didn't solve the issue. How do I fix this?

What I want in the end is for text to show when mousing over certain elements. Is there a more consistent way to do this? I'd prefer a simple way, nothing too complicated since this is a small feature and I don't usually touch HTML.


Update: I'm using twistd (python) to serve the html. When I save it and reopen the saved html through chrome, it works as it should. Sounds to me like something going on with twistd.

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I did a quick test on a jsFiddle, seems to be working for me in Chrome?

Assuming you are looking for text to appear once the user hovers over the rectangle? In my case, Top, Middle and Bottom Box depending on the box.

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Yeah, that works for me (also using chrome) but I can't figure out why my html doesn't have the same effect. Something I'm doing HAS to be preventing this, right? I just can't figure out what it is I'm doing somewhere else. Not much is online about what affects this feature. – Ricky Moreno Jun 28 '12 at 20:18
I saved the html file I was viewing and changed opened it. I cans see the text now, but why do I have to save the html file I'm viewing just to reopen it? If it changes anything, it's being served by python's twistd module. – Ricky Moreno Jun 28 '12 at 20:30

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