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I wish to create a custom "alert box" in my iPhone app. The alert box will contain UITextField outlet, will be on top of all the other content in the Controller and will only be visible when triggered and it will have a fade-in fade-out trigger animation.

I have all the technical details on how to achieve this figured out already but I have a bit of an issue about figuring out the correct approach:

  1. because I need to animate my box should I init it as soon as the viewDidLoad and basically keep it there on the entire lifetime duration of the Controller
  2. should I instead init it exactly when I need it ( that is when the trigger button is pressed )

Important thing - I am using ARC at this point so no manual [release] is possible

Thank you

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Are you sure that using an alert is the correct approach? The iOS Human Interface Guidelines would probably advise the use of a modal view here. See this for more information. – Alexis King Jun 28 '12 at 20:14
I am not sure this is the best approach for my particular situation to be honest but it stands as a valid problem. Instead of that "alert" one could have another UI element that is being displayed with a trigger and is being instantiated from a XIB for example. – yacana Jun 28 '12 at 20:45

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