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I have a few list. Their count isn't clear.

For example (for 4 list):

List1   List2    List3     List4 
-----   -----    -----     -----
  1       2        3         4
  2       4        8         3   
  3       8        4         5   
  4       11       6         1    
  5       3        7         7    
  6       9        11        9

I want to find the items that are common. It can do with T-SQL in MSSQL.

The result will be like that:

ResultList : (3, 4)

How is it done with Lambda Expression ?

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You can use Enumerable.Intersect

var commonItems = list1.Intersect(list2).Intersect(list3).Intersect(list4);
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Are you looking for Intersect?

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You can use Enumerable.Intersect and intersect List1 with List1 and its result with List3 and so on.

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For an arbitrary number of lists, you would do something like this:

var List<List<int>> lists; //This contains the lists I assume...
var result = lists.Skip(1).Aggregate(lists.First(), (accum, cur) => accum.Intersect(cur));
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