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How to extract text after the br tags in the following lines:

<div id='population'>The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (McCarthy <em>et al.</em> 2003, Table II) compiled national snow leopard population estimates, updating the work of Fox (1994).  Many of the estimates are acknowledged to be rough and out of date, but the total estimated population is 4,080-6,590, as follows:   <br/><br/>Afghanistan: 100-200?<br/>Bhutan: 100-200?<br/>China: 2,000-2,500<br/>India:  200-600<br/>Kazakhstan: 180-200<br/>Kyrgyzstan: 150-500<br/>Mongolia: 500-1,000<br/>Nepal: 300-500<br/>Pakistan: 200-420<br/>Russia: 150-200<br/>Tajikistan: 180-220<br/>Uzbekistan: 20-50</div>

I got as far as:

xpathSApply(h, '//div[@id="population"]', xmlValue)

but I'm stuck now...

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THere is no text within <br/> tags... Do you mean between the several tags? You might want to clarify what you want exactly. A first guess would be '//div[@id="population"]/text()[preceding-sibling::br]' –  Wrikken Jun 28 '12 at 20:31
That's it! Put it as an answer and I'll check it –  Kay Jun 28 '12 at 20:51

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It helps if you realize text is a node too. All text in the div than follows <br/>'s can be retrieved by:


Technically, between <br/> tags would mean:

//div[@id="population"]/text()[preceding-sibling::br and following-sibling::br]

... but I guess that's not what you want at this point.

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I edited the 'between'.. Thanks a lot! –  Kay Jun 28 '12 at 22:36

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