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Is there a way to do this out of the box with the _.sortBy method or any other part of the library?

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Your question says Underscore, but you accepted an answer from Backbone. I arrived at this page because I am actually looking for an Underscore answer, so this title is misleading. Please consider amending the title. –  T.W.R. Cole Sep 5 '13 at 3:36

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Since you tagged your question with the backbone.js tag, I'm assuming you mean to sort a collection, you just need to provide a comparator function on your collection and backbone will keep the collection sorted.

If your question is specifically alphabeticical sorting, I believe that is the default sort, from the backbone.js documentation (I linked to it above)

chapters.comparator = function(chapter) {
  return chapter.get("page");
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This is actually exactly what I needed. I hadn't run into comparators in the docs until you pointed them out. Thanks a lot! –  Will Hitchcock Jun 28 '12 at 22:37
Agreed! Great catch! –  streetlight Oct 14 '13 at 13:30

You mean like this?

var array = [
    { name: "banana" },
    { name: "carrot" },
    { name: "apple" }

var sorted = _(array).sortBy("name");

I'd say it works out of the box.

If you wanted to sort an ordinary array of strings, you probably just want to use sort:

var flatArray = ["banana", "carrot", "apple"];


See here. Also works.

Note that Underscore's sortBy returns a new array which is sorted, where JavaScript's built-in sort function sorts an array in place.

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This is a very useful example. Thanks a lot! –  ducin Jul 2 '13 at 14:37
_.sortBy() will not work correctly if you write "Carrot" with capital C. "Carrot" will be at the first index. jsfiddle.net/uHtUX/39 –  Andrej May 19 at 10:34
@Andrej "will not work correctly"? I think it's pretty reasonable that the default comparison function used for sortBy would follow standard alphanumeric ordering (i.e. just try 'a' < 'A' vs. 'A' < 'a' in your web console). If you wanted a case-insensitive sort you could supply a function to call toLowerCase on the values first, like this: jsfiddle.net/uHtUX/40 –  Dan Tao May 19 at 21:54
It's question of the definition. "alphabetically" normally means case-insensitive, like order of terms in a dictionary. Anything else is not really alphabetical... –  Andrej May 22 at 1:13

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