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I'm creating a small program (obviously), and in one part of the program, I'm trying to create a scrollbar. The parent window is inhabited by three label frame widgets. One of these label frames is to display as many as 50 option menus which, obviously, is too many widgets to display in one window at a time so, naturally, a scrollbar is desired. Now, I know you can't use a scrollbar to scroll a label frame, so inside this label frame I've created a canvas, which can be scrolled. I've then inserted a frame inside the canvas, which I'll use to display the option menus. I then attach a scrollbar to the canvas, and the scrollbar is placed inside the label frame. The problem is that the scrollbar looks functional, but only the first 10 option menus are visible, no matter how much it appears I've scrolled. Here is an example below:

from Tkinter import *

app = Tk()
app.title("Example App")

# Creating the first label frame
entryframe = LabelFrame(app,text="Entry",width=250,height=250)

# Creating a frame to contain the options selected by the user; also using a canvas & 
# label frame to enable the use of a scrollbar
outcomesframe = LabelFrame(app,text="User Input",width=250,height=650)
outcomescanvas = Canvas(outcomesframe,relief=SUNKEN)

# Creating scrollbar
scrollbar = Scrollbar(outcomesframe)

# Creating the frame in which the option menus will be inserted
outcomesframe2 = Frame(outcomescanvas,width=230,height=1000)

# Creating the third label frame
statsframe = LabelFrame(app,text="Third Label Frame",width=250,height=250)

# Creating the option menus
for i in range(50):
    vars()["labeltext"+str(i)] = StringVar()
    vars()["label"+str(i)] = Label(outcomesframe2,textvariable=vars()["labeltext"+str(i)])

    vars()["variable"+str(i)] = StringVar()
    vars()["menu"+str(i)] = OptionMenu(outcomesframe2,vars()["variable"+str(i)],"Option1","Option2")


Thanks for the help, it's appreciated!

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You have a bug in your code. You're using both grid and pack in the same container widget (outcomesframe2) –  Bryan Oakley Jun 28 '12 at 21:32
Thanks. Fixed that now. –  Travis Valdez Aug 14 '12 at 12:57

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When you scroll a canvas, it only scrolls items that are canvas objects. That means you must use create_window to place a window in the canvas, rather than using pack or grid.

outcomescanvas.create_window(0,0,window=outcomesframe2, anchor="nw")
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Thanks a bunch! Sincerely appreciate it! –  Travis Valdez Jun 29 '12 at 20:12

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