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I would like to know how to convert SQL query listed below into LINQ query in VB.

SELECT FacilityID 
FROM tblFacilityProjects 
WHERE FreedomEnabled = True and ProjectID in (840,841,842)
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Something like this should do it I think:

Dim projectIds = New Integer() {840, 841, 842}
Dim result = From proj In db.tblFacilityProjects _
             Where proj.FreedomEnabled = True AndAlso _
                   projectIds.Contains(proj.ProjectID) _
             Select FacilityID
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Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you! –  slamsal Jun 28 '12 at 21:58
Better than couple of examples that took a longer route, thanks! –  NETRookie Jan 26 at 14:07

IN Query in SQL

SELECT [Id], [UserId]
FROM [Tablename]
WHERE [UserId] IN (2, 3)

IN Query in LINQ

Makes use of the Contains function of VB.

Dim coll As Integer() = {2, 3}
Dim user = From u In tablename Where coll.Contains(u.UserId.Value) New 
From {
    u.id, u.userid


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Create a list of your project ID

Dim list As New List(Of Integer)

Now you have to use this in LINQ.

dim facilityId = from fp in tblFacilityProjects 
                 where FreedomEnabled == true
                 where list.Contains(ProjectID)
                 select new

There must be some tweaks you may need to do for VB.net .

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