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I can't seem to find documentation on authentication into mongodb from the C driver. The C driver API has no information on it as far as I can tell. However, this link makes me think that it's possible. A link or a code snippet would be great. Thanks!

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Here's the function to call.

MONGO_EXPORT int mongo_cmd_authenticate     (
        mongo *         conn,
        const char *    db,
        const char *    user,
        const char *    pass

Authenticate a user.

        conn    a mongo object.
        db      the database to authenticate against.
        user    the user name to authenticate.
        pass    the user's password.

    MONGO_OK on sucess and MONGO_ERROR on failure.

Here's an excerpt from the test code as an example - mongo-c-driver/test/auth_test.c

if ( mongo_connect( conn , TEST_SERVER, 27017 ) ) {
    printf( "failed to connect\n" );
    exit( 1 );

ASSERT( mongo_cmd_authenticate( conn, db, "user", "password" ) == MONGO_OK );


Hope that this helps. Here are some links for futher information.


MongoDB C Language Center -

MongoDB C Driver Documentation -

MongoDB C Driver API Docs -

mongo.h File Referenc -

mongo_cmd_authenticate -

MongoDB C Driver source code -

test/auth_test.c -

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