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I've written this template inclusion tag:

def post_detail(post, show_meta=True):
    return {
        'post': post,
        'show_meta': show_meta

And I call it like this:

{% post_detail post show_meta=False %}

This works just fine. The template is properly rendered with show_meta having a value of False.

But, if I change the default of show_meta to be False like this:

def post_detail(post, show_meta=False):

And then if I try to call it with {% post_detail post show_meta=True %}, the template is still rendered with show_meta having a value of False. Why?

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True and False are not defined in the template context by default, and by the normal template language rules, non-existent names are treated as False. Try passing 0 and 1 instead.

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