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Does anyone know of any resources, examples or tutorials about testing ember.js apps ?

How do you test views ?

There does not seem to be any extensive examples / information on this.

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I can't propose an example how you can achieve that, but I have found a project which extensively uses Jasmine for their test: you should take a look at the ember-resource project on GitHub. It uses Jasmine for their tests, which are located in spec/javascripts.

The project also has a Rakefile and corresponding tasks which let you execute the specs in a convenient way.

There is a blog post about testing Ember.js with Jasmine:

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Here is an article on using Jasmine to test Ember.js

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You could also use the testing functionality of Ember itself, as described in this post

What is basically does is disabling the Ember runloop by setting: Ember.testing = true This way you don't have to check if your asynchronous code is finished. You simple could wrap it in its own runloop:

// Creating an application normally happens async,
// which is why we have to wrap it in {
  App = Ember.Application.create();
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