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I'm working with Repast-symphony trying to visualize the results of routing simulations. repast uses shape files for visualization of roads and everything else. I've looked at googlemaps api and I dont think i can get a shapefile out of their. I'm wondering

1-Is it is possible to solve this problem?( go from google map to generating a shape file directly )

2- How to develop an encoder for converting google map to shapefile?( I would like to retain the maps near there original quality)

I have seen people overlaying shape files on google map but not the other way round !

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Generate a kml file from google maps using my places. You can overlay the resulting kml on google maps. You can also convert kml files to shapefiles.

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Thanks for the reply, but it won't help. when i create a kml file it only give me information about the things that i tick/routes/ but not the roads that are already in their( it simply displays them using a center coordinate and a scale ). I want to be able to take all of the data( roads, buildings, etc ) and convert them into a .shp file. –  user914794 Jun 29 '12 at 3:24
You won't be able to get that from google maps. You will need to get the roads and buildings from a different data source. –  geocodezip Jun 29 '12 at 4:35
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