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So I have some code that rewrites paperclip file paths so that each developer on the project can have a path to their own uploads without clobbering each other, but this runs in development inside a

ActiveSupport.on_load(:after_initialize) do

loop. Which means its only loaded on initialize. The problem is that we're using the Active Reload gem (rails 3.1 so its okay), so once someone edits the a model it is reloaded and the old paperclip paths are used.

I was wondering how I could get this code to run each time a particular model was reloaded?

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You could wrap it in a config.to_prepare block inside config/application.rb:

config.to_prepare do
  # your code

This will reload upon every request in development, but only once in production.

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Even with the Active Reloader gem running? The code does some expensive operations and I really would like to only run it when that particular model reloads. –  concept47 Jun 28 '12 at 22:10
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So I tried Ryan's suggestion above, but just like I thought, it would run my code on every page load ... No Bueno.

What I wound up doing was using this piece of code that is given to you by Active Reloader, but I doubt it will work with Rails 3.2

  ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe("active_support.dependencies.clear") do |*args|

And it worked a treat, I still had to keep the original

ActiveSupport.on_load(:after_initialize) do

block there too, so its a little ugly, but it works!

Still holding out for a cleaner solution, if one exists.

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