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After googling around this subject, I did not find much information about JMX Mbean Notifications.

I have setup a MBean using NotificationBroadcasterSupport class. As I am sending Notification, I can see in the JConsole the default fields : "TimeStamp", "Type", "UserData", "SeqNum", "Message", "Event", and "Source"

In the Jconsole Notification buffer output, I would like to configure the fields :

  • Is it possible to hide some fields ?
  • Is it possible to add new fields ?
  • Sorting does not seem available in columns. Is there a way to achieve this ?

My goal is to provide statistics about actions (Each time an action is triggered, I want to print TimeStamp, Execution time, ...), but I don't want to pretty print all those information in string message. Maybe there is a better way of doing this ?

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