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I'll do my best to explain this. I have a web form for course requests, the user enters a course name, then can specify that the course is for 1 or more grades by checking a CheckBoxList. If you select grade 'College', then a list appears from with you specify 1 or more colleges that will honor the credits for that course. 'Requests' is one table(entity), GradeCollege is another table (entity). Requests has a navigation property of GradeCollege (foreign key). GradeCollege has a Navigation Property for Grades (table that fills the CheckBoxList) and one for Colleges (table that fills the Colleges ListBox) (foreign keys). The GradesColleges table has a field for the request guid, the grade guid, and the college guid. request and grade guid cannot be null, college guid can be null.

On submit have a list of Guid's that represent Grades. I can use Linq to get the Guid that represents 'College'. I can see if my list of Grades contains the College Guid, but then what?

I have a 'Request' object all ready filled up with the single items, such as the course title string, that use 'AddObject(request)' and 'SaveChanges() that works great. Somehow I need to put together an object for a grade (or grades) and maybe a College (or colleges). Would this be added before 'SaveChanges()'? Will Entity Framework handle the one-to-many relationship? Or do I need to update the request table, get my request Guid then insert into GradeCollege?

I'm not sure about the list of grades, can I use it as-is, or would I need to put them into another list type to do the '.contains' and 'AddObject()'?

This is a lot of questions but if you can help me that would be great. I'm very new at C# so please be as specific as time will allow. Links to samples are great, I just can't seem to find any

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Do you have the EF entities directly bound to the UI? –  nicodemus13 Jun 28 '12 at 22:48
Yes, I can update the request table but having trouble with the others. I now have 2 lists being filled in one function. One is a list of guids for the grades selected, and, if College was selected, a list of guids for the colleges. I can't get my head around putting the reuest guid and grade guid and college guid in the associated GradeCollege table while keeping in mind that if more than one college, I need a row for each (grade college would have a row for each college selected). –  Jazzy Jun 29 '12 at 0:06
Oh, it's a web project. –  Jazzy Jun 29 '12 at 0:13

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