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I'd like to add two legends to a plot in MATLAB. How can I do this?

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You could create a second superimposed axis, with a legend of its own (in a different location of course).


Here is a quick example:

%# create some plot with a legend
hAx(1) = axes();
hLine(1) = plot(1:10, 'Parent',hAx(1));
set(hAx(1), 'Box','off')
legend(hLine(1), 'line')

%# copy the axis
hAx(2) = copyobj(hAx(1),gcf);
delete( get(hAx(2),'Children') )            %# delete its children
hLine(2) = plot(sin(1:10), 'Color','r', 'Parent',hAx(2));
set(hAx(2), 'Color','none', 'XTick',[], ...
    'YAxisLocation','right', 'Box','off')   %# make it transparent
legend(hLine(2), {'curve'}, 'Location','NorthWest', 'Color','w')


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You can add a second legend to your plot by inserting the command h = copyobj(hlegend1, hfigure); after the first legend call. The first legend is simply retained in the figure. Several legends can be added this way.


%declare figure
hfigure = figure('Color', 'w');

%plot 2 lines (red and blue)
hplot1 = plot(1:10,'r-.x');
hold on;
hplot2 = plot(10:-1:1,'b--o');

%plot legends
hlegend1 = legend(hplot1, 'Data 1', 'Location','East'); %display legend 1
new_handle = copyobj(hlegend1,hfigure);                 %copy legend 1 --> retain
legend(hplot2, 'Data 2', 'Location','West');            %display legend 2

enter image description here

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