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Is it possible to store JSV inside MongoDB with schemas for each collection then run MapReduce to validate documents? Inserting the invalid documents into a collection I can manually fix up?

I want as little external application intervention as possible, ideally a cron that MapReduces over dirty documents each day then I will investigate why these documents are invalid manually.

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Did you end up working out a solution for this? –  Stennie Aug 9 '12 at 0:27

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Map/Reduce probably isn't the right approach for checking schema compliance as it doesn't modify the documents in the original collection. As such you can't set a flag in the document indicating that it has been validated and may end up revalidating with each cron run.

Suggested approach:

  • Add an indexed validated field to your documents; perhaps this would be a numeric value if you want to version your schemas.
  • If possible all documents should be validated on insertion
  • Write a script which will find all documents that have not been validated to match the current schema and update the validated field based on the JSV outcome
  • Save the specific validation errors into another collection or possibly a subdocument (you may want to consider some manual padding if the addition of error reports ends up triggering excessive document moves).
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