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I have been using Django a long time but I recently upgraded to 1.4.

When I created a new project, here is how it was made:


I am working on my local machine as well as on Heroku. The issue is how I am supposed to refer to modules.

When I am on my local machine, everything seems like it is supposed to be referred to as my_proj.my_app. However, when I am on Heroku, everything has to be referred to as my_app.

Does anyone know of some areas that I should look that might be causing this problem?

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Moving your my_app dir to the root directory of your project (where is located), as it was done in Django tutorial for Django 1.4 will make it a top level module and will allow you to import them just as my_app on your local machine. I would suggest trying this and checking whether Heroku behaves the same.

Alternatively, adding an empty, if there there isn't one already, in your my_proj directory might also help Heroku see my_proj as a top-level module, thus allowing you to import your app as my_proj.my_app.

I hope my advice was insightful and helpful.

Good luck!

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