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Couple of tests I ran show that Apache 2.x has better compression(mod_deflate) compared to Apache 1.x. Let me know if there's a detailed benchmarking done by anyone.

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There are some comparisons in this Linux Journal article with some compression numbers between apache 1.3's mod_gzip vs apache 2.0's mod_deflate.

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Thanks @jon-lin. This looks good for now. If I don't find anything concrete, I'll run a test on my own and publish some results. Here's another article that mentions that Apache 2's mod_deflate is better than mod_zip (by 60%). Both articles are from 2004. ilia.ws/archives/32-Apache-1-vs-Apache-2-Performance.html –  holydevil Jun 29 '12 at 4:49

The noted differences in compression and speed are an inherent trade-off that is user-selectable on compression vs. time.

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