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I am trying to read a dictionary into a number of AVL trees. The trees are stored in an array of trees. I am recieving a segmentation fault when running through the GCC debugger. The problem seems to be with the stack overflowing but I may be wrong.

The debugger gets stuck at the line: left = Height(node->leftptr); in the function: int Tree::Height(Tree *node)

The trees are sorted into word length where treeArray[0] is words with length of 0, to treeArray[14] is words with length of 15.

Also is there a better way to implement the array? Such as dynamically creating the trees?

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

class Tree{
    string word;
    string key;
    Tree *leftptr, *rightptr;
    Tree(string cstr, string cstr2, Tree *L, Tree *R);
    string RootData(){ return word; }
    Tree* Left(){ return leftptr; }
    Tree* Right(){ return rightptr; }
    int Height(Tree *node);
    void rotateLeftOnce(Tree*& node);
    void rotateLeftTwice(Tree*& node);
    void rotateRightOnce(Tree*& node);
    void rotateRightTwice(Tree*& node);
    Tree* insert(string d);
    Tree* insert(Tree*& node, string d_IN);


Tree::Tree(string cstr, string cstr2, Tree *L, Tree *R){
    word = cstr;
    leftptr = L;
    rightptr = R;

int Tree::Height(Tree *node){ 
    int left, right; 

   if(node==NULL) return 0; 
    left = Height(node->leftptr); 
    right = Height(node->rightptr); 
    if(left > right) return left+1; 
   else return right+1; 

void Tree::rotateLeftOnce(Tree*& node){ 
    Tree *otherNode; 

    otherNode = node->leftptr; 
    node->leftptr = otherNode->rightptr; 
    otherNode->rightptr = node; 
    node = otherNode; 

void Tree::rotateLeftTwice(Tree*& node){ 

void Tree::rotateRightOnce(Tree*& node){ 
    Tree *otherNode; 
    otherNode = Right(); 
    node->rightptr = otherNode->leftptr; 
    otherNode->leftptr = node; 
    node = otherNode; 

void Tree::rotateRightTwice(Tree*& node){ 

string getKey(string S){
    string temp(S.begin(),S.end());
    sort (temp.begin(), temp.end());
    return temp;

Tree* Tree::insert(Tree*& node, string d_IN){
//  cout << "here" <<endl;
    string d_KEY = getKey(d_IN);
    if(node == NULL) node = new Tree(d_IN,d_KEY,NULL,NULL); // (1) If we are at the end of the tree place the value 
    else if(>word) < 0){  //(2) otherwise go left if smaller 
        insert(node->leftptr, d_IN);     
        if(Height(node->leftptr) - Height(node->rightptr) == 2){ 
            if(>leftptr->word) < 0) rotateLeftOnce(node); 
            else rotateLeftTwice(node); 
    else if(>word) > 0){ // (3) otherwise go right if bigger 
        insert(node->rightptr, d_IN); 
        if(Height(node->rightptr) - Height(node->leftptr) == 2){ 
            if(>rightptr->word) > 0) rotateRightOnce(node); 
            else rotateRightTwice(node); 
    return node; 

void inorderTraversal(Tree *T){
    if(T == NULL) return;
    cout << T->RootData();
void preorderTraversal(Tree *T){
    if(T == NULL) return;
    cout << T->RootData();

void InitialiseDictionary(Tree* T[]){
    ifstream input_file;"Dictionary.txt");
    string tempString;
    size_t pos;
    int size;

        pos = tempString.find(" ");
        tempString = tempString.substr (0,pos);
        size = (int)tempString.size();

        cout << "tempStr: " << tempString << " size: " << size << endl;
        T[size] = T[size]->insert(T[size],tempString);
    //return *T;

Tree *T1;Tree *T2;Tree *T3;Tree *T4;Tree *T5;Tree *T6;Tree *T7;Tree *T8;Tree *T9;Tree *T10;Tree *T11;Tree *T12;Tree *T13;Tree *T14;Tree *T15;

int main(){
    Tree *treeArray[15] = {T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,T8,T9,T10,T11,T12,T13,T14,T15};
    cout << "array defined" << endl;
    cout << "Dictionary initalised" << endl;
    //cout << endl << "done" << endl;
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your program works fine in my system . – vijay Jun 29 '12 at 3:38
As long as leftptr and rightptr are initialized to NULL in the leaf nodes, then it should work properly. When the crash occurs in the debugger, check the values of *node, *(node->leftptr) and *(node->rightptr) to see if they look valid, if not then you have a pointer problem somewhere. – Joachim Pileborg Jun 29 '12 at 5:48
Thank you Joachim. That was helpful. It seems to be a prointer problem that I must resolve. – InvisibleNinja Jul 1 '12 at 11:48

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