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I want to query to MySQL using Django.models,but since I put my created_at(Datetime fields) with datetime.datetime.now(),it seems to hard to "group by" with each date.I made a guery like this:

start = time.strptime("2012/6/25","%Y/%m/%d")
end = time.strptime("2012/6/26","%Y/%m/%d")
unix_start= time.mktime(start)
unix_end = time.mktime(end)


but I guess this query is too heavy for network.Is there any way to "group by" by datetime.date or use (date() for MySQL)in Django.models when my MySQL data is datetime.datetime.now()?

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I use PostgreSQL date_trunc() to group values by a date when the dates are saved as Datetime. I think you can use something like this with MySQL:

select_date = {"date": """DATE_FORMAT(start, '%Y-%m-%d')"""}
query = query.extra(select=select_date).values('date')
query = query.annotate(player_id=Count('player_id', distinct=True)).order_by('date')
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thanks!I made it with this : cls.objects.extra(select={'month': 'extract( month from created_at )','day':'extract(day from created_at)'}).values("day","month","~~~","~~~").annotate(id=Count("id")) –  suslov Jun 29 '12 at 13:37
you have to do "from django.db.models import Count" in advance. –  suslov Jun 29 '12 at 13:39

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