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I am new to programming for the iPhone. In my project, I have an enum in a header file:

enum SelectionType


In my project, I want to know which enum I have right now. For that, I tried the following, but it doesn't work:

NSLog(@"stype is %c",SType);

Which format specifier should I use to get the enum in NSLog?

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You will have to do it yourself. C does not have this kind of reflection capability. Here is a function you could use:

const char *STypeName(SType t)
    switch (t) {
    case BookSelection: return "BookSelection";
    case StartChapter: return "StartChapter";
    case EndChapter: return "EndChapter";
    default: return NULL;

And then you can call the function SelectionTypeName to get the name:

SType stype = ...;
NSLog(@"stype = %s", STypeName(stype));
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enum is basically int data type. You should use %d format specifier.

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enum SelectionType {

BookSelection==0,//system provide the default value 0 for first enum then increase by one.
//then you check with 

 //do something

else if(sType==1)



//you can use 
NSLog(@"Enum number=%i",sType);
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This method, from a similar question, will let you solve this once. A series of macros that help you map between the enum value and it's string representation.

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