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Update #1: query gives me syntax error on Left Join line (running the query within the left join independently works perfectly though)

SELECT b1.company_id, ((sum( as 'Balance'

FROM MyTable b1
JOIN CustomerInfoTable c on = b1.company_id

#Filter for Clients of particular brand, package and active status
where c.brand_id = 2 and c.status = 2 and c.package_id = 3

  SELECT b2.company_id, sum(b2.debit) as 'Current_Usage'
  FROM MyTable b2
  WHERE year(b2.timestamp) = '2012' and month(b2.timestamp) = '06'
  GROUP BY b2.company_id
b3 on b3.company_id = b1.company_id
group by b1.company_id;

Original Post:

I keep track of debits and credits in the same table. The table has the following schema:

| company_id | timestamp | credit | debit |
| 10 | MAY-25 | 100 | 000 |
| 11 | MAY-25 | 000 | 054 |
| 10 | MAY-28 | 000 | 040 |
| 12 | JUN-01 | 100 | 000 |
| 10 | JUN-25 | 150 | 000 |
| 10 | JUN-25 | 000 | 025 |

As my result, I want to to see:

| Grouped by: company_id | Balance* | Current_Usage (in June) |
| 10 | 185 | 25 |
| 12 | 100 | 0 |
| 11 | -54 | 0 |

Balance: Calculated by (sum(credit) - sum(debits))* - timestamp does not matter
Current_Usage: Calculated by sum(debits) - but only for debits in JUN.

The problem: If I filter by JUN timestamp right away, it does not calculate the balance of all time but only the balance of any transactions in June.

How can I calculate the current usage by month but the balance on all transactions in the table. I have everything working, except that it filters only the JUN results into the current usage calculation in my code:

SELECT b.company_id, ((sum( as 'BW_remaining', sum(b.debit/1024/1024/1024/1024/28*30) as 'Usage_per_month'

FROM mytable b

#How to filter this only for the current_usage calculation?
WHERE month(a.timestamp) = 'JUN' and = 0

#Group by company in order to sum all entries for balance
group by b.company_id
order by b.balance desc;
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what you will need here is a join with sub query which will filter based on month.

SELECT T1.company_id, 
       ((sum( as 'BW_remaining', 
  SELECT T2.company_id, SUM(T2.debit) T3.DEBIT_PER_MONTH
  WHERE month(T2.timestamp) = 'JUN'
  GROUP BY T2.company_id
T3 ON T1.company_id-T3.company_id
GROUP BY T1.company_id

I havn't tested the query. The point here i am trying to make is how you can join your existing query to get usage per month.

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I get a syntax error on the left join. If I run just the query within the join, it goes through fine: I run the following query: ###update: It's really difficult to format code in the comment so I updated the question with the code under Update #1 – Samir Said Jun 29 '12 at 15:16

alright, thanks to @Kshitij I got it working. In case somebody else is running into the same issue, this is how I solved it:

SELECT b1.company_id, ((sum( as 'Balance',
  SELECT sum(b2.debit)
  WHERE b2.company_id = b1.company_id and year(b2.timestamp) = '2012' and month(b2.timestamp) = '06'
  GROUP BY b2.company_id
  ) AS 'Usage_June'


#Group by company in order to add sum of all zones the company is using
group by b1.company_id
order by Usage_June desc;
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