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I am seeking a way using Google Maps to take a predefined latlng point and find routes that pass within 20 miles. The start and end points for the route exist in a MySQL DB.

  1. Would it be best, when storing the routes, to include all the polylines that make up the route?
  2. Should I store the RouteBoxer coordinates and find all boxes that contain the predefined latlng point? This may be up to 3x greater distance then 20 miles
  3. How should I store the data for both predefined latlng points and the route information?


This article may bring some ideas but I am still unsure of the best method? I am concerned with scaling because I am thinking of 50,000+ routes and thousands of routes.

--> Find how many (googlemap) polygons near x distance of a point

--> Get polygons close to a lat,long in MySQL

--> MySQL Find Polygon Nearest to Point

Thanks very much!


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Hope it helps... stackoverflow.com/questions/11586708/… –  Shubhansh Aug 3 '12 at 18:27

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