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In LinqToSql, if I want to access a non-related entity in an entity partial class, how do I do this without creating a new DataContext?

Here's the scenario:

I have the tables Client, IssueType and ClientIssueType. A Client may specify a list of IssueTypes if they do not want to use the default IssueTypes. I have the default IssueTypes in the ClientIssueType table with a ClientId of null.

In my Client partial I'd like to try to retrieve all IssueTypes, and if none are found, return all default IssueTypes. The only way I can see of accessing the IssueTypes with a null ClientId is by accessing the table through a new DataContext, which is problematic once I want to start assigning them to Issues.

Where am I going wrong?

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I have resolved the issue by moving the logic out of the entity partial class and into the DataContext partial class. When I call the method I pass in the Client entity.

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